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The Haven's Board of Directors have dedicated themselves to providing the best programs and facility through The Haven Foundation. The team provides direction for the staff at The Haven, and most are either program leaders or facilitators, and all are longtime participants in The Haven's personal development and professional development programs.

Our History

board of directors


Andrew Bing
began his career working in Accounting and in 1982 founded an accounting service company. For the last 20 years Andrew has been working as a software and management consulting specializing with manufacturing and distribution companies and currently travels all over the globe assisting companies in these areas. Andrew first came to the Haven in 2000 and received his Diploma in Counseling in 2007 and his Diploma in Group Facilitation in 2009. Besides his passion for the Haven one of Andrew's great joys is his Bernese mountain dog.

Darrell Chambers
holds Masters Degrees in Business and Education. He has worked for 20 years in Canada as a university instructor, and in banking (BDC), real estate, and manufacturing with The Abraxus Group. He also worked for 10 years in Zurich, Switzerland, as Consultant for The HypoBank and business consultant to accounting firm ReviSwiss. Darrell is passionate about personal growth, including his ongoing participation at The Haven.

Bryan Croeni practiced architecture in the US for more than 30 years, holding professional degrees from the University of Oregon and UCLA. He is an active learner, following the migration of his interests from buildings to inhabitants, recently earning a MA in organizational design and renewal at Seattle University. He is partner to Susa Holt, Haven core faculty, in marriage and in their organizational and coaching consultancy, NewPractices.

Wayne Dodge studied at Yale University and the University of Rochester. Following a residency in Family Medicine in Cleveland and a Fellowship at the University of Washington, he started work at Group Health Cooperative (GHC) in 1979. He became the first GHC HIV/AIDS Program Director in 1988, receiving the GHC Medical Staff Innovation Award in 1989 and the Northwest AIDS Foundation Medical Community Award in 1993. Associated with The Haven since 1981, he leads Come Alive, Living Alive Phase I, New Horizons Phase III, Self-Compassion, and parts of the Skills series.

Henry Goldbeck taught Hatha and other yoga disciplines in New York, London, Paris, Vienna and other locations in North America, Europe and India. After a stint as a senior marketing representative with Context Trainings, Henry became an executive recruiter in Vancouver and in 1997 he founded Goldbeck Recruiting Inc., specializing in sales, marketing, construction and manufacturing management positions. He first visited The Haven in 1986 for a Come Alive. In 1987 he attended Phase I where he met his wife, Denise Goldbeck, the founder and leader of Kids in the Spotlight.

Dale Kelly B.Ed., MA, has thirty-two years experience as a group facilitator. His career includes teaching in public school, adult education, and university. He has received several awards: among them a UNESCO Fellowship to study Polish culture in Poland, awarded for leadership in international understanding and the Hilroy Fellowship, a Canadian national award for innovation in education. On three occasions he had the honor of conducting the annual two-week Thompson Fellowship leadership training for Third World teacher leaders in Ottawa. Dale has conducted workshops and seminars in Canada and, as well, he has led international leadership programs in Ghana and Sri Lanka. Since retiring in 2001 he has pursued his longtime interest in Zen studying with Roshi Shinzan Miyamaei, Abbot of Gyokuryuji temple in Japan. He become a lay monk in the Rinzai tradition in 2006. He found much overlap with his Haven experiences and Zen training.

Catherine Lord has over 25 years experience in bringing information technology to market -- with technical, business and financial expertise.  Her current interests include "cloud computing" and research on global workforce shifts in her role as a strategist for IBM.  Her chapter called "The Changing Nature of Work" will be published in 2010, in "Knowledge Management and e-Learning" by Taylor & Francis, reflecting her passion for creating cultural bridges across government, healthcare, retail, manufacturing and other industries.  Catherine's two sons have been involved in the Haven's Youth Leadership programs and youth programs over the past eight years and she describes The Haven as a very rich part of their lives

Cathy McNally spent most of her life in Hong Kong, has a BSc in Business from the UK, and a career spanning a variety of types and sizes of organizations, including pioneering executive coaching in Southeast Asia in the early 90's. Throughout this journey, her key interest has been people - the human factor. Associated with The Haven since 1989, Cathy met her husband, Ernie, while interning together in 1996. She received her Diploma in Counselling in 1998, is a member of Core Faculty, and together with Ernie has a business offering facilitation, counselling, and coaching services.

Give to the bursury fund
I would like to express my gratitude towards everyone who has donated to the financial aid program at the Haven. There are times in peoples' lives when they are ready to grow and move on to a better way of living and they just don't have the means to do so. For was a life-changing experience.

Bursary fund recipient

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