Our Registrars don't just book your stay, they can help you understand programs, and which programs may interest you. They have all taken Haven Programs, and use their personal experience to help participants understand what to expect from a Haven experience.




The Haven Registrars will help you with program information and the practical details of booking your program and accommodation.

Morag Ruckman is The Haven's Programs and Registration Manager. She has worked at The Haven for 12 years and has an in-depth, practical knowledge of our programs and accommodation. She has participated in many Haven programs, and brings her learning into her personal and professional life.


Tina Boehm brings a wealth of administrative and personal experience to The Haven, where she has worked as a Registrar since January 2008. Previously, she worked at the corporate level of the National Health Service in the UK. She is committed to ongoing learning and personal growth.


Cindy O'Dell has a diverse background including writing, performance, teaching, research and boat restoration. She takes pleasure in efficient and effective service and highly values space for learning and awareness to occur.
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I would like to express my gratitude towards everyone who has donated to the financial aid program at the Haven. There are times in peoples' lives when they are ready to grow and move on to a better way of living and they just don't have the means to do so. For was a life-changing experience.

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