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Program Assistant

Living Alive Phase II - May 3 to 16, 2015

Job Duties:Supporting the program leader to provide the content of the program in accordance with the program description on our website and the Haven core curriculum. Supervising and coaching interns as required.

Terms of employment: Contract


Wage: $200/day


 Benefits: Accommodation and Meals

Location of work: 240 David Rd, Gabriola, BC, V0R 1X1 Contact information: Phone 250 247 9211, Fax 250 247 8454, Mailing address 240 Davis Rd, Gabriola, BC, V0R 1X1

Skills requirement: Must have a Haven Diploma in Counselling or Diploma in Haven Counselling Skills. Must have a minimum of 5 years practical experience assisting programs at The Haven.

When there are jobs available at The Haven we always post the details on this page as well as advertising in the Gabriola Sounder classifieds. If there is nothing posted on this page, we do not currently have any vacancies. Our resources are limited and we want to use them effectively. For this reason we do not collect resumes or accept enquiries when there are no vacancies available. Thank you for your interest in The Haven.



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I am grateful to the depths of my being for the instructors, the staff, the space and surroundings, the programs and the bodyworks at The Haven ... My life is forever changed.

2007 Participant

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