End of Year Giving

The Season of Giving is an important time for us at The Haven. We work hard to meet our goals so that we can deliver our programs to as many people as possible, so it may be the best time for you to donate to The Haven. There's the added bonus of the Matching Fund, so that every dollar you donate will be matched, (up to the max for the fund which is set every year).

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End of Year Giving



Thank you!!


Thank you all so much. Going into 2014, we were reflecting on what the gift is in our various struggles. I often have trouble asking for things for myself - it was a old family rule. The gift for me in this fundraising job is that I get to ask on behalf of others. That's a bit hard, too, the asking, although the reward has been wonderful! I hear the gratitude from people whose lives are changed by your generosity. I get to appreciate generosity and I feel grateful to know people like you. The energy of your gift and your generosity is continuing to move through the world and I enjoy watching that energy as it rests for a while and touches hearts, moves, touches other hearts.


Tax Receipts 

Tax receipts for your donations in 2013 are sent out the last week of January. If you have moved since last year, please let us know your new address! We have a couple of different databases here at The Haven and they don't always talk to each other! Thankfully, we are people and can communicate better than machines, especially after all that Communication Model training we've had!  If you make a donation in 2014, we’ll send you those tax receipts in the last week of January 2015.

2013 Donations

  • Financial Aid $83,084.41 from 234 donors
  • Strategic Plan $21,400.00 from 12 donors
  • Youth Leadership Fund  $24,436.78 from 21 donors
  • Capital/Designated Projects $76,450.00 from 10 donors 
  • Honouring Bennet Wong $29,545 from 37 donors

Thank you everyone! 

Our Matching Campaign for Financial Aid was a huge success!$25,000 in the Matching Pool and you took advantage of the matching with $25,001 worth of donations for a total of $50,001

From a recent bursary recipient:  “Thank you and to all the supporters of the Haven Financial Aid program. A combined bursary and interest-free loan turned my strong desire to attend the Come Alive program from a dream into reality. Dealing with anxiety which has caused me not to leave the house for days and sometimes weeks, damaged relationships and turned my once promising career into a downward spiral. After the Come Alive program I have seen an improvement in myself and it has helped put me on the road to once again become a positive and contributing member of society. Bless all of you.”

If you would like to contribute to Financial Aid, or if you need some financial help getting here, call me! 1 800 222 9211 extension 222 or Email: louise@haven.ca



Thank You! From Financial Aid Recipients


I have carried this experience of myself into my post Come Alive life, and I am seeing a powerful ripple effect. Many thanks to the donors who gave of their resources to enable me to have this experience.../read more

T.Y., Come Alive, 2009

Without the help of the bursary program at the Haven, I would have said no to the long journey back across our country, to a province which had captured my heart 4 years ago. I will be forever thankful and wish to share true gratitude to all those enrolled with me in this program as well as three facilitators..../read more

J.O. 2009

I hope more and more kids can come to Haven because then they could have fun too and learn stuff like warm and cold feelings. Next year I hope I can come back and I hope I can be a spotlighter. Thank you for letting us come to Haven oh, and I forgot to say I love the swimming pool too..../read more

F.D. Age 13


Testimonial Book Cover

Click to Read a book of thank you letters filled with thanks and gratitude from bursary fund recipients that were helped by your donations.


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