Why Donate?

There are many reasons to donate that are personal to you. Maybe a program changed your life, maybe a program changed the life of someone you love, or maybe you just want to know that something you have done has made the world a better place. But we think the best reason to donate is the people who receive financial aid themselves.

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Why Donate?



You already know that Haven programs are life changing events, and a small monthly donation can give that opportunity to someone who otherwise wouldn't be able to come. Your donation of as little as $5 per month can help someone experience their first Come Alive or another program that can have a profound effect on their life.


Click here for thank yous from Financial Aid recipients.


Thank you letter from a Kids in the Spotlight bursary recipient


Our Financial Aid program has been running successfully since 2004. Four hundred adults and children have come to The Haven who otherwise could not have afforded to. 100% of your donation goes directly to those who are eligible to receive Financial Aid.


Over the years, many of those who have benefitted from the Financial Aid program have paid it forward by becoming donors and volunteers.


To find out more about the Financial Aid program email or call Louise Amuir - 1 800 222 9211 ext 222louise@haven.ca


We asked some of our donors how giving to Haven Foundation has a positive impact on their lives. Here's what some of them said:


"I am fortunate to have the resources to take the courses, and I am very much aware that some others are not. I think everybody should have the opportunity to go to Haven, enough so that I want to help them by donating to the Haven's Financial Aid Program."



"In my 20 some years of attending The Haven workshops I have come to trust the integrity of this foundation. Thus I believe my money is well spent for the betterment of society and the world. I am grateful!"



As a registered charity in Canada and the US, we give tax receipts. There are more benefits to becoming a Haven Friend or Partner. Click here to find out more.



Thank You! From Financial Aid Recipients


I have carried this experience of myself into my post Come Alive life, and I am seeing a powerful ripple effect. Many thanks to the donors who gave of their resources to enable me to have this experience.../read more

T.Y., Come Alive, 2009

Without the help of the bursary program at the Haven, I would have said no to the long journey back across our country, to a province which had captured my heart 4 years ago. I will be forever thankful and wish to share true gratitude to all those enrolled with me in this program as well as three facilitators..../read more

J.O. 2009

I hope more and more kids can come to Haven because then they could have fun too and learn stuff like warm and cold feelings. Next year I hope I can come back and I hope I can be a spotlighter. Thank you for letting us come to Haven oh, and I forgot to say I love the swimming pool too..../read more

F.D. Age 13


Testimonial Book Cover

Click to Read a book of thank you letters filled with thanks and gratitude from bursary fund recipients that were helped by your donations.


Haven Foundation

As a registered charity in Canada and the USA
we provide tax receipts.

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