Your group can hire one of our facilitators to lead a program at The Haven. Our facilitators have years of experience, skill and the desire to show you a better way. Contact our Conferences Manager to find out what kind of subjects and topics you can have for your professional development retreat, or personal development retreat here at The Haven.

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pic-carole-ames.gif Carole Ames BES, DipC, MTC is a dynamic group leader and core faculty member at The Haven. Her humour, pragmatism and excellent communication skills have been evident throughout a career that has included professional planning, management and human relations. Associated with The Haven since 1990, she has been assisting and leading Come Alive and Living Alive Phase I, and her own humour programs, since 2000. She has led and assisted programs for The Haven in China since 2005. creativepursuits.ca
pic-ian-curtain.gif Ian CurtinBComm, DipC, MTC is President of IC Possibilities Consulting Inc., a Victoria-based company specializing in facilitating dialogues within and between organizations, relational leadership, teamwork and the art of living change. He believes communication habits form the building blocks of family relationships, work teams, and entire organizations. He has been associated with The Haven for 19 years and has assisted and led Come Alive since 1999. icpossibilities.com
pic-jennifer-hilton.gif Jennifer Hilton CEC, Dip C & GF has provided facilitation and coaching to people in a variety of positions in organizations. Her passions are movement, building potential by accessing their full spectrum of being ... one step at a time. takethenextstep.ca
pic-david-raithby.gif David Raithby DipC, MEd, RSW began his career in family, youth and critical care settings, and has worked in personal and professional development for 35 years. David has been associated with The Haven since 1979. He has taught numerous programs since 1992, with his life-partner of 25 years, Sandey McCartney, and his friend and colleague Linda Nicholls.

Thank you for all your care and attention while at The Haven on this beautiful island...We all felt nourished by your delicious food and held by the warmth of your hospitality.

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