Drum Talk

Your body speaks to you in a symphony of rhythms – the drum returns the call.

Drum Talk will support you to initiate a rhythmical dialogue with yourself within community.

Who will benefit? Anyone who wants to bring more creativity and passion into their personal lives, work or relationships ... and

  • Health care workers and practitioners
  • Professionals in all fields
  • Seekers on a spiritual path
  • Music therapists and music lovers
  • People living with chronic illness
  • Teachers and coaches
  • Performing artists
  • Community organizers

Since the beginning of time, drums have been utilized to celebrate and express all that it means to be human. The uplifting resonance of the African drum nourishes us physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and becomes the vehicle upon which we can explore personal and community issues. We will learn rhythms and songs from West Africa, the Caribbean and South America, and play various percussion instruments from around the world. This program is suited to first-time beginners or more experienced players, and will involve sound healing techniques, drum circle work, guided imagery with drumming, and playful rhythm games.

We begin at the beginning, building a strong rhythmical foundation with the basics of hand drumming technique. The evocative and healing power of the drum is felt at a deep level. Our container becomes the drum circle, a versatile model within which there is potential to learn about creativity, building community, deepening our faith, leadership, wellness and living in peace and tolerance. Through songs, poetry, call and response drumming and body percussion, we reconnect with our innate sense of rhythm and the earth that sustains us.

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