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couples alive i - foundation: communication and boundaries


Foundation: Communication and Boundaries



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The Couples Alive series is for people in primary relationship who want more, and are prepared to go beyond the familiar to find it.


Couples Alive transformational learning for couples


The more we have 'at stake' in a relationship, the more challenging it can be to speak and listen. Unaddressed misunderstandings, unspoken wishes, and recurring struggle-points can become the breeding ground for 'score-keeping', distancing, and resentments.


A mutual pathway to connection is fundamental to identifying stumbling blocks and laying the groundwork for a dynamic, enduring primary relationship.

This program begins with an in-depth exploration of communication from a distinctly couples perspective. As well, a variety of breathing and body-awareness experiences help build a foundation for connection and growth. Each couple then applies their learnings to the 'boundary-ing' process - identifying and expressing wishes, wants and preferences - and exploring the impact and possibilities of this self-definition for their relationship.


This program is for couples that want to:


  • Deepen intimacy
  • Practice essential couples' communication skills
  • Bring greater understanding and clarity to daily conversations
  • Distinguish between boundaries and walls, and value both
  • Learn to identify and express preferences
  • Experience the impact of right/wrong and the possibilities of agree/disagree
  • Increase awareness and understanding of behaviours and defenses
  • Recognize and transform entrenched family rules and patterns



Please Note:
1. The Couples Alive programs have been specifically designed to be taken in order. We strongly recommend that you take the programs in sequence.
2. Couples Alive 1: Foundations is a prerequisite for all other parts of the series.


>> Couples Alive I starting 29-June is now FULL

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2015 Dates:

Oct 18-Oct 22 Susan Clarke, CrisMarie CampbellRegister


Tuition: $1860 Per Couple (Accommodation and meals extra.)


Early Bird Tuition: $1700 Per Couple if you register and pay in full at least two weeks in advance.


Additional Discounts: Couples Alive is a series of learning. So we want to make it easier for you to continue your learning with us. 


  • $500 off per couple for taking two Couples Alive programs in a 12 month period.
  • Bring another couple with you to any Couples Alive program and receive $250 off for each couple (both couples must be in the same program on the same dates).


Only one discount per couple per program, and cannot be combined. For more details, please contact the registrar at 1 800 222 9211 ext. 1.


Other programs in the Couples Alive Series

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If you have any questions or would like further information about this program, please contact the registrars by email or call 1 800 222 9211 ext 1.


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