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The work that we do at The Haven is universal. It knows no boundaries, political, cultural, or otherwise. We are proud that we can help everyone, and we truly believe that everyone can benefit from what we can offer. Our work in mainland China is a perfect example of a people who, although they are half a world away, are not to different from us.


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Haven International in Shenzhen southeastern ChinaThe Haven's founders, Bennet Wong and Jock McKeen, began a tradition of taking Haven programs out into the world which continues to this day. Haven faculty have successfully led Come Alive and other programs in Asia, North America, South America, Africa and Europe, most often through translators.


The Haven draws on both Eastern and Western traditions and throughout its history has enjoyed a strong connection with participants from Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China. Today most of our international work is in Mainland China and elsewhere in Asia. We have a long-standing partnership with Hai Wen, a company offering Haven programs in translation in Shenzhen and Beijing. We have also worked with a multinational telecommunications corporation, delivering programs to their staff in many different countries all over the world.


In 2009, The Haven and Hai Wen launched a joint training program, the Haven International Diploma in Leadership and Counselling. This 3-year International Diploma Program, which is jointly managed by Hai Wen's Director of Education (Sean Feng) and The Haven provides a unique opportunity for Mainland Chinese students to pursue both personal and professional development in an environment of openness and self-responsibility. Completion of the Diploma program establishes a foundation from which they may work towards careers in areas such as training, leadership, coaching and counselling. 52 students graduated from the program in 2010 and there are, on average, 80 students in the Diploma program at any one time.


In 2015 Haiwen celebrated its 10th anniversary. Many Haven leaders and assistants contributed to an anniversary video marking this special occasion.


Come Alive in China


In addition, for more than 20 years, people from a range of different backgrounds have travelled to Canada each year to take our Mandarin-translated Haven programs on-site. These programs are open to any Mandarin speaker, from Asia, North America or elsewhere.


For more information on any of our International activities, please email Rachel Davey, Executive Director of The Haven.



Come Alive - Find Out More
Find Out More
These 25 day programs provide experiences designed to heighten awareness of your physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual self.

For people who:
  • Want a deeper understanding of themselves
  • Want to enrich the sources of meaning in their lives
  • Feel stuck in old destructive patterns
  • Are at a point of change

Everyone wants to have a forest – a place one can breathe. To me The Haven is a place where I can breathe.
My first visit to The Haven was 2008. I registered a 3-year Haven International Diploma Program in Shenzhen. After two years learning I was inspired by The Haven, and this influence has been deepening in my life ever since. It helped me to resolve my difficulties and confusions. With time my desire to go to The Haven in Canada became stronger.

Maggie Lei - [read more]


Your tuition may be tax deductible

The Haven is a certified educational institute and is registered with the BC Private Career Training Institutions Agency. All eligible participants will receive a T2202A in January. For more information contact the registrars:

Email: register@haven.ca

Phone:     1 800 222 9211 ext 1

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