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The 25-day Living Alive programs offer you a chance to investigate who you really are and how you live your life. In a supportive and respectful environment, you will be offered experiences designed to heighten your awareness of your physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual self. The understanding you gain in these programs will enable you to make more informed decisions about yourself, your life and your relationships, and to live your life more fully.



The Living Alive programs are for people who:

  • Want a deeper understanding of themselves
  • Want to enrich the sources of meaning in their lives
  • Feel stuck in old patterns of behaviour that are destructive or no longer useful
  • Are at a point of change
  • Want to engage more fully in their lives


People who take the Living Alive Phase programs have experienced transformation in their professional as well as personal lives. The programs provide take home tools to improve communication and relating, which can assist in conflict resolution, team building and leadership.


Living Alive Phases I and II and New Horizons Phase III are three parts of a whole and are normally taken in sequence. For participants who cannot take a full 25-day program at one time, the Phases can be taken in two parts, Part A and Part B. Part A must be taken before Part B. New Horizons Phase III will next run in 2016.


Living Alive Phase I


Living Alive Phase I focuses on participants becoming aware of their patterns of behaviour and energy. Insights and skills are developed to help participants transform the patterns they wish to, and release blockages in their energy.


Listen to Ben and Jock talk about Living Alive Phase I at the Shen Blog archive, and read about one participant's experience at the first Chinese Living Alive Phase I.


During this program, you will have opportunities to:

  • Know yourself and your patterns of behaviour more fully
  • Discover your own personal resources
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Explore your fantasies and imagination to make them work for you
  • Embrace the hidden aspects of who you are
  • Work in a group environment to learn new information about yourself
  • Incorporate increased self-awareness, interpersonal skills and insights into your daily life


Format: This 25-day program offers a wide range of experiences, in addition to presentations and discussion, in a safe and respectful environment. Participants work in large group and in smaller groups, and also have the opportunity for individual appointments with the program leaders. Shadow Play forms a section of Living Alive Phase I Part A.


If you would like your employer or other professional body to support your taking Living Alive Phase I, you may find this description of the program useful.


2014 Dates:


Susan Clarke & Toby Macklin
Full Program Oct 10-Nov 4 Register
Part A Oct 10-22 Register
Part B Oct 23-Nov 4 Register


Tuition: $3,800.00 (Accommodation and meals extra.)


Early Bird Tuition: $3,300.00 (Accommodation and meals extra.)



Tuition Part A or B: $2,540.00 (Accommodation and meals extra at a specially discounted rate.)


Early Bird Part A or B: $2300.00 (Accommodation and meals extra at a specially discounted rate.)



Accommodation and Meals

The Haven offers a range of comfortable rooms and suites. All accommodation is designed to be shared by two or more people, though private rates are available. We make every effort to meet the needs of all our guests, but cannot guarantee specific rooms. Rates include three buffet-style meals per day.


There are three types of room: Basic, Forest view, and Ocean view.
Find out more about accommodations.


A specially discounted price for accommodation is available to participants taking the complete 25-day program.



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My life has been completely changed by this program, for I have learned to live with Presence and Joy as I truly am.

RC, June 2013


I am far more self aware and curious about who I am, why I feel what I feel and do what I do, and what I want. I am living these questions rather than searching for the answers … Thank you for the most meaningful experience in my life. It truly prompted me, inspired me, and provided me the tools I need to transform my life.

GK, June 2013


… I also learned how comforting I find it to be in such an environment of communication and sharing - how much I love this.

BC, June 2013


Your tuition may be tax deductible

The Haven is a certified educational institute and is registered with the BC Private Career Training Institutions Agency. All eligible participants will receive a T2202A in January. For more information contact the registrars:


Phone:     1 800 222 9211 ext 1

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