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Now in two formats for maximum accessibility!


Living Alive Phase I - Intensive
26 consecutive days at The Haven.


Living Alive Phase I - Integrative
At The Haven, at home and online, over 8 months.


In Living Alive Phase I (Intensive OR Integrative) you will have rich opportunities to become aware of your patterns of behaviour and energy. You will develop insights and skills to help you transform the patterns you wish to, and release blockages in your energy.

  • Know yourself and your patterns of behavior more fully
  • Discover your own personal resources
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Make your fantasies and imagination work for you
  • Embrace the hidden aspects of who you are
  • Work in relationship with others to learn new information about yourself
  • Incorporate increased self-awareness, interpersonal skills and insights into your daily life


Living Alive Phase I has been a life-changing program for people over many years. Because it is not always easy to take 26 days away from home and work in order to have this opportunity, for the first time in 2015 we are offering the program in two formats:



Living Alive Phase I Intensive


Living Alive Phase I intensive is the format that has been offered at The Haven for more than 30 years. This Intensive format provides a unique opportunity for those who choose to devote 26 consecutive days to the experience of self-discovery with a face-to-face group that remains together for the whole time. Throughout the program, participants work individually and in both large and small groups. A range of experiences is offered, all of which are intended to maximize your potential for self-awareness, self-responsibility and healthy relating with others.


2015 Dates:


Faculty: Wayne Dodge, Carole Ames

Full Program Mar 14 - Apr 8 Register
Part A Mar 14 - Mar 26 Register
Part B Mar 27 - Apr 8 Register


2015 Tuition - Full Program:  $3900 (Accommodation and meals extra,
at specially discounted rates.)


2015 Early Bird Tuition - Full Program:  $3400 (If you register and pay tuition in full at least two weeks in advance, accommodation and meals extra)


2015 Tuition - Part A or B:  $2540 (Accommodation and meals extra.)


2015 Early Bird Tuition - Part A or B:  $2300 (If you register and pay tuition in full at least two weeks in advance, accommodation and meals extra, at specially discounted rates)


Living Alive Phase I Integrative


The new Integrative format is designed to maintain a high level of integrity to the core components of the Living Alive Phase I program while bringing in new ways of delivering the experience through virtual learning and community.


Living Alive Phase I Integrative provides and supports unique opportunities to apply, challenge and integrate the program content. It allows for a sustained learning period while minimizing the time away from home.


The eight-month Integrative format combines three on-site modules, 4 to 8 days in length, with directed, intentional at-home work both individually and in virtual groups, supported by regular teaching and processing via video conference.


The format will include an online community; this web-based location includes all program materials, schedule, and online materials, as well as a private discussion forum where you can interact with one another and with your instructors.


There will be three scheduled online group sessions per month, each of 90 minutes to 2 hours.


To help you, and us, determine if this program is a good fit, please complete this brief questionnaire before you register.


Go to: Living Alive Phase I Integrative - pre-registration questionnaire


For more information on the Living Alive Phase I Integrative program, including payment options, download the Frequently Asked Questions (PDF).


2015 Dates:


Faculty: Susan Clarke, Toby Macklin

Full Program* Sep 8 - Apr 2016 Register
Onsite module 1 Sep 12-20, 2015  
Onsite module 2 Dec 8-12, 2015  
Onsite module 3 Mar 27-31, 2016  

* The Living Alive Phase I Integrative program begins with a virtual session
at 6pm (Pacific Time) Tuesday 8-September-2015.


2015 Tuition - Monthly payments:  $3900 (Accommodation and meals extra)


2015 Tuition - Paid in full in advance:  $3400 (Accommodation and meals extra)





If you would like your employer or other professional body to support your taking Living Alive Phase I, you may find this description (PDF) of the program useful.


Read this article from the Haven Shen Blog to find out why you might choose to come to Living Alive Phase I.


Accommodation and Meals


The Haven offers a range of comfortable rooms and suites. All accommodation is designed to be shared by two or more people, though private rates are available. We make every effort to meet the needs of all our guests, but cannot guarantee specific rooms. Rates include three buffet-style meals per day.


There are three types of room: Basic, Forest view, and Ocean view.
Find out more about accommodations.


A specially discounted price for accommodation is available to participants taking the Living Alive Phase I Intensive 26-day program.



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Returner Discount

If you have done the full Living Alive
Phase I before, you can do it again and receive our Returner discount of $800.


This offer is valid for the full 26-day
Intensive and Integrative formats.


Contact registration at
1 800 222 9211 ext 1
to find out if you are eligible.



Your tuition may be tax deductible

The Haven is a certified educational institute and is registered with the BC Private Career Training Institutions Agency. All eligible participants will receive a T2202A in January. For more information contact the registrars:


Phone:     1 800 222 9211 ext 1

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