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The most common regret expressed by the dying and those close to them is that they missed their opportunity to express the deepest parts of themselves with family and friends while there was time. Often these omissions are about fear, hurt, resentment, loss, anger.....sometimes they are about gratitude, acceptance, appreciation..... All these are about love. Love is messy. Love is who we are. Ergo (Therefore )we are messy.


This program is for everyone who wants a deeper relationship with themselves and those closest to them. It was born of the realization that our lives are finite and our capacity to love and connect is not. We are offering this program, first, to those in the midst of life ending circumstances where time is not on their side and, second, to those who are coming to realize that this means them as well. Death is not waiting for us; it is coming to meet us.
Although we encourage people to come to the workshop with a loved one, it is not a necessity, as we will enfold those coming alone.


One of the creators of this workshop, Alan Brown, is no longer in the world of flesh and bone and he continues to inspire us to live more transparent lives not only with each other but also with ourselves. In this workshop we offer opportunities to look into our long held beliefs about life, death and love and to challenge ourselves to be as transparent as possible about the truths these subjects bring up for us. As Alan came closer to death, his favorite questions became:  Is that true? What is under that? What is there to say right here, right now? We continue to ask these questions. We met Alan’s love and courage with our own love and courage and we would love (desire) to meet you there as well.


Faculty: John Fleury, Jim Nelson, Gillian Enright


2014 Dates: Next offer of this program is in 2015.

2015 Dates:

Oct 15-Oct 18Register


SPECIAL OFFER: Until December 31, 2014 register to take this program next year and pay tuition at 2014 rates.


2015 Full Tuition: $525 (Accommodation and meals extra.)


2014 Tuition: $450 (Accommodation and meals extra.)


Accommodation and Meals
The Haven offers a range of comfortable rooms and suites. All accommodation is designed to be shared by two or more people, though private rates are available. We make every effort to meet the needs of all our guests, but cannot guarantee specific rooms. Rates include three buffet-style meals per day.


There are three types of room: Basic, Forest view, and Ocean view.
Find out more about accommodations.


If you have any questions or would like further information about this program, please contact the registrars by or call 1 800 222 9211 ext 1.


Register Now for the Phase Programs


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The Haven is a certified educational institute and is registered with the BC Private Career Training Institutions Agency. All eligible participants will receive a T2202A in January. For more information contact the registrars:


Phone:     1 800 222 9211 ext 1

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