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the spirit journal - a personal inner-active writing program


“One of the most effective psychological self-care programs ever devised”



Ellery Littleton leads The Spirit JournalEllery Littleton’s 20 years of leading writing programs at The Haven have been distilled into THE SPIRIT JOURNAL.  Part intensive journaling workshop, part story circle, the program presents a powerful approach to deepening personal exploration and self-awareness in your life.






Through the intensive journal-writing process, we learn to clearly see our life issues and patterns of behavior with dramatic clarity.  As we see, and as we begin to stop the pernicious habit of negative self-judgment, we are free to move forward in our emotional and spiritual growth.




What am I meant to do in this life?  What are my gifts?  What are my shadows?  What do I need to heal?  What shall I do with my remaining heartbeats?  What will be my spiritual testament?  These are some of the key questions addressed in the course of the program.



An exploration of these aspects of self is essential in order to bring a deeper sense of meaning to your life.  In The Spirit Journal, it is presented in a uniquely accessible, focused form.


“I have been looking through boxes of papers and notebooks, and came across some writing I did in Ellery Littleton's workshop in April, 1995. Thank you for organizing this, and the other Ellery workshop, which I also attended; they made a deep impression on me and shifted a lot about how I communicate. Please pass on to Ellery that the way I write now is much more from the heart, and is often such a sweet experience.”  Dianna –


Ellery Littleton’s most recent book – HUMMINGBIRD TATTOO – a collection of erotic haiku – was nominated for an American Haiku Foundation “Touchstone Distinguished Book Award” for 2011.  It is available in the Haven gift shop.


To read more from Ellery on journal writing, click here. 


Faculty: Ellery Littleton

Read a terrific interview of Ellery about the Spirit Journal by Ian Curtin on the Shen Blog.


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