The Haven Models

One thing that makes The Haven's teachings so effective is that they are based on simple, easy to understand models. The Communication Model, the Selves Model and the Resonance Model provide direction and a common reference to help direct you in your understanding of yourself, and those around you. Download these models and put them into use.


the haven models



If you have attended Come Alive, or a Living Alive Phase at The Haven you will have encountered The Haven models. These are central to The Haven's philosophy and were originally formulated by The Haven's founders, Bennet Wong and Jock McKeen, combining their own experience and thinking with material they drew from a range of sources.


The versions included here are intended as summaries, tasters or reminders. Download them here, either individually or all together in the Ideas in Action booklet.




There's also a piece by The Haven's founders Bennet Wong and Jock McKeen on the art and power of breathing, plus step-by-step instructions for the Joints and Glands Moving Meditation which features in many Haven programs.


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