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The Illuminated Heart

The Illuminated Heart Bennet Wong and Jock McKeen's new book on East-West Psychology and Thought


"We feel confirmed, fulfilled, at rest, and deeply, deeply satisfied with this culmination of our investigations and adventures." - Ben and Jock.



The Illuminated Heart: Perspectives on East-West Psychology and Thought, by Jock McKeen and Bennet Wong, distills their lifelong investigation of the theory and practice of Western psychology and classical Chinese philosophy and medicine.


They trace the personalities and ideas from East and West that have influenced their own lives and their work with people in North America, Asia and around the globe. In so doing, they describe their vision of a world in which people can learn to appreciate diversity and experience the fullness of contact, understanding and empathy.


Softback, 448 pages, $26.95 + HST and shipping


Also available as an eBook.



Read a review of The Illuminated Heart from the Nanaimo Daily News.


Look inside! Read a  free section (including the Dynamic Empathy Model!).


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Book Launch Teleconference


We had a wonderful time with Jock and our guests and we'd like to share the Teleconference with you.


Download (right click on PC, ctrl-click on MAC) the .mp3 of the teleconference here.



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We love your new book! ...The material is just excellent, which is no surprise coming from the two of you. I especially love the freedom you always give your audience to have their own unique experience and interpretation of what you present. It feels very honoring and respectful.

Judy and John Mayfield


I thoroughly appreciate how you are so generously sharing what you feel is most important in your life's work.


I am seeing more clearly how it comes down to taking absolutely full responsibility for how you play your hand of cards.


What makes it readable for me is that the summaries while precise and clear, are not impersonal. There is enough information about the person and the context of their theories that like a good book, I feel drawn to know more.

Nancy Bradshaw


Here I am two days later, on page 135 or so and grinning. Grinning at myself as yesterday I read for over four hours, enjoyed myself immensely and did not twitch, squirm or yawn once and today for an hour an a half. That is some kind of record for me.


To me, so far, it is an important book. It is the best chronology I've read of the history of how The Haven evolved under your tutelage and research, while keeping it so very personal and relevant to the wonderful journey that you two are on and how it has evolved over forty years.

Dale Partridge


A delicious invitation to explore the stuff that really matters.


Your ideas are wonderfully composted at this stage and you present them with a mix of authority, humility, scholarship, and practicality that I find irresistible.

Peggie Merlin


I love your book soooooooo much. It is like my spiritual food....

Sun Yafang


Over the past days … I have been spending quite a lot of time with your book. My goodness, what a magnificent achievement!


Your book is a fabulous compilation of information … Secondly, its easy and interesting to read ...It is personal and heartfelt throughout.

David Raithby


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