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We let our videos speak for themselves. The videos on this page include participants describing their experience of our programs and leaders talking about what you can expect at The Haven.


Watch our videos here, or visit our channels:  YouTube and Vimeo


Quick links to all the videos


Living Alive Phase I - Integrative



The Haven Foundation 10th Anniversary



There is a Place

This video gives a glimpse of what we do at The Haven and may help to explain our work to others. It was created especially for The Haven by Andrew Best.




Come Alive at The Haven

Come Alive at The Haven is an intensely personal experience. In these videos Come Alive participants describe their experience in their own words.




Come Alive Longer Version




Couples Alive at The Haven

The Couples Alive series is for people in primary relationship who want more, and are prepared to go beyond the familiar to find it. Watch the videos below to learn more from Couples Alive leaders and participants.




Couples Alive Leaders - CrisMarie & Susan

CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke talk about the birth of Couples Alive and how they became involved in designing and leading.




Couples Alive Leaders - David & Sandey

Sandey McCartney and David Raithby talk about their relationship, the creation of Couples Alive and what participants can expect to gain from it.




Couples Alive Paule & Don

Paule and Don participated in both Couples Alive I and II. Here they talk about their experience.




Living Alive Phase I - Participants' Stories

We asked some Living Alive Phase participants to talk to us about their experience of the program.




Shaw TV

In the summer of 2012, Shaw TV filmed these stories about The Haven.




Shaw TV - Ben & Jock Interview




KITS 25th Anniversary Celebration Video

2012 marked the 25th anniversary of Kids in the Spotlight at The Haven. To celebrate this achievement, Denise Goldbeck, who created and leads the program, commissioned this video with highlights from the last 25 years.




A clip from Drum Talk with Lyle Povah

To visit his program page click here




Sunset at The Haven





On March 18 2013, The Haven was the host venue and sponsor for TEDxGabriolaIsland. There is a playlist of all the talks on the TEDx Talks YouTube channel


Here are all the individual talks:
Jock McKeen, A Dynamic Model of Empathy
Mary Gordon, The Yellow Brick Road to Empathy
Shelagh Huston, How We Grew a Commons and Why It Matters
Mike Stevens, Breathe in the World, Breathe Out Music
Shelagh Rogers, Silence to Speaking
Sheila Norgate, Women and Empathy: Trouble on the Home Front
Megan Daalder, The Mirrorbox: The Story of How Art Became Science
Rachel Fritz and Jenna Mirau, The Price of Kindness
Victor Wooten, Music as a Language


The Haven’s 30th Anniversary Worldwide Meditation

This meditation was led by Ernie and Cathy McNally and launched the Birthday Party Weekend August 2-4 2013.



Programs Offered at The Haven
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Staying Alive

On-going learning & support. Contact the leaders for more details. Find out more.


New! Haven Coaching

Integrate your new learnings into your relationships, your workplace or your community. Find out more.

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